Vision and Objectives

Our Vision

HiTT Malta Table Tennis Academy’s vision is to consolidate the popular sport of table tennis in Malta. To achieve this, we strive to offer everyone the opportunity to acquire table tennis training, promoting a quality of life so one can live, work and play. Our academy also aims at promoting the sport to higher levels through collaboration with qualified coaches and clubs in order to develop holistic athletes that also compete at international levels.

HITT Malta Table Tennis Academy is focused on improving the attractiveness and character of the sport. All of these initiatives and objectives translate in the Academy’s Mission Statement:



The raison d’etre of HiTT Malta Table Tennis Academy is clearly outlined in its statute, the main objectives being:

  • Encourage and promote the sport of Table Tennis in Malta
  • Provide technical information on training, equipment, design and coaching in the sport of table tennis
  • Organise member meetings, local competitions, training camps, school exhibitions, coaching workshops, foreign student exchanges, and coaching sessions related to the sport of table tennis for HiTT students
  • Foster and promote the representation for Malta at any international gatherings or table tennis activities with foreign organisations.

The objectives clearly outline the Academy’s commitment towards exposing all its members in international fora.