HiTT Academy celebrates its 10th Anniversary 2013 - 2023

10 Years of HiTT! Celebrating Success and Innovation in Maltese Table Tennis


We just can’t believe that there are already 10 years behind our backs bats! 2023 marks a major milestone for HiTT Malta Table Tennis Academy as we celebrate our 10th anniversary. In the past decade, our family has grown to become the leading table tennis academy in Malta, with a reputation for excellence in coaching, training, and competition. Join us as we explore our major achievements of the past 10 years!

Reaching the top in just 10 years

When Mario Genovese founded HiTT Academy in 2013, his aim was clear: he wanted to create a table tennis school of champions, an academy that focuses on excellence with a rigorous and unique training program that is second to none. And it worked out beautifully! Over the past 10 years, HiTT Malta Table Tennis Academy has achieved a great deal of success, both nationally and internationally. The academy has produced Maltese national champions and medalists in all categories for many consecutive years, also creating opportunities for our players to distinguish themselves abroad.

Locally, we’ve not only won the top National League division five times in a row, but we have also been winning the majority of national titles during the National Championships for the past six years. Our biggest achievement to date was winning 23 medals from the Junior and Senior National Championships in 2023!

10 years of HiTT Academy


HiTT Malta Table Tennis Academy has always been at the forefront of innovation in the sport of table tennis in Malta. Since day zero, Mario Genovese introduced a training system he calls ITX, a program to instil fast actions and reflex training to rapidly advance the development of players.

“ITX is based on the synergy between our ideomotor system, better known as our automotive brain responses, and simulating performance for pressured and stressful match moments. The system brings you as close as possible to the same sensations and emotions that you encounter during some of the most important match situations.”

Mario Genovese, 21-times Malta National Champion and ITTF Level 2 Coach.

10-Week Summer Training Programs

Another innovative initiative of the academy was the introduction of an intensive 10-week program during summer, with morning and evening sessions, 6 days a week. During this yearly event, we invite highly reputed coaches from around the world to help our students progress, as well as fitness instructors, yoga teachers and psychologists who create mental training workshops for the participants. This gives our players a holistic learning environment. The benefits that our students reap from it are huge.

Partnership with Serbian club STK Novi Sad

In August 2021, HiTT Academy and Serbian club STK Novi Sad signed an epic partnership agreement. This exclusive partnership gives players from both clubs a platform where knowledge and experiences can be exchanged while promoting improvement and player development. Since then, our students have travelled regularly to attend high-performance training camps and tournaments in Serbia, training side by side with some of the best upcoming Serbian talents.

HiTT Online Training Platform

Early in 2020, table tennis activities in Malta came to a standstill as a result of the growing global threat of the Covid-19 pandemic. So, we decided to invest in other forms of training, ones which we don’t usually have time for. We did this by launching a program of regular online coaching sessions for all our student categories. In these sessions, Head Coach Mario Genovese took players through several table tennis drills, both physical and mental. This proved to be an effective innovative solution to keep motivation levels high and facilitated the return to the tables when the pandemic-related restrictions were finally lifted. Post-pandemic, we’ve utilised the online sessions to mentally prepare our students on the eve of major competitions.


HiTT Malta Table Tennis Academy is known for its high-quality coaching and training programs. The academy offers a range of programs for players of all ages and abilities, from beginners to elite athletes.

  • Personalization – One of the key elements of the academy’s training programs is its focus on individualized coaching. Each player is assessed on their strengths and weaknesses, and a personalized training plan is developed to help them improve their game. The academy’s coaches are highly experienced and have a proven track record of success in developing top-level players.
  • Variety – Sparring partners and coaches from around the globe are regular at our training centres. They share their knowledge with our players, providing an unparalleled enriching and formational experience that leaves a mark on our upcoming champs. Fabian Kull (Switzerland), Nicolas Saenz (Columbia), Edwin Cotter (Australia), Cengiz Akdaglı (Turkey), Fredrik Lindberg (Sweden), Stephane Hucliez (France), Rob Kontkanen (Sweden), Lukas Blomstrand (Sweden), are but a few of the many international friends who have visited us during the past decade.
  • Intensity – The academy also offers a range of training camps throughout the year, both locally and abroad. Camps are aimed at providing players with intensive training in a focused environment. These camps are led by top-level coaches and are open to players of all ages and abilities. Our 10-week yearly summer training programme falls under these high-intensity camps, albeit spread over a longer period.
  • ITX – As we’ve already mentioned, Head Coach Mario Genovese developed a special high-performance holistic training program called ITX Training System, aimed at the rapid development of young players.
  • Venues – Our two well-equipped training centres are one of the biggest physical assets of our academy. It’s where all the hard work happens, without which no title or aim can be achieved. We take care to upgrade our centres constantly, improving the infrastructure year after year.

International Participation

HiTT Malta Table Tennis Academy has a strong tradition of international participation, with its players regularly competing in leagues, tournaments and training camps around the world. This international exposure has helped to raise the profile of Maltese table tennis and has helped to develop the skills of the academy’s players.

Over the past decade, players from our academy have also participated in international training camps in Poland, The Netherlands (TT4YOU), UK (Swerve), Greece, Portugal, Serbia and Sweden. They have competed several times in the Welsh Euro Challenge in Wales, in the Linz Open in Austria, in tournaments in Poland, Serbia, Holland and other places around the world. 5 HiTT Players have been regularly playing in the FITET National Italian League, obtaining amazing results. All this exposure has been of immense benefit to our developing players, which is why we continue to invest in similar events year after year.

Behind our success

A word of BIG thanks to our sponsors, who provide the means that enable us to dream bigger.

One of the academy’s key international partnerships is with the German table tennis equipment manufacturer, Tibhar. Tibhar is the academy’s main equipment sponsor and provides the academy with high-quality table tennis equipment, including tables, balls, and rackets.

A Look at the Next 10 Years

HiTT Malta Table Tennis Academy has achieved remarkable success over the past 10 years, with numerous national and international accomplishments to its name. From producing medalists in major tournaments to participation in international events and introducing innovative programs, the academy has become a trailblazer in the sport of table tennis in Malta. Our commitment to personalized coaching, training excellence, and international exposure has helped to raise the profile of Maltese table tennis and has had a huge impact on the skill development of our players. As we look towards the future, we are sure of one thing – we will continue our decade-long tradition of excellence and innovation in the sport we love.

10 Years of HiTT in Photos