HiTT Academy Online Sessions

The game is still on – how HiTT Academy keeps brains engaged during lockdown


The Covid-19 pandemic has left its mark on the global table tennis community. Malta is suffering as well, with all domestic table tennis activities paused indefinitely. Although this is a sad moment for all, it is also a great time to invest in other forms of training, ones which we don’t usually have time for. The secret is regular online sessions. 

HiTT Malta Table Tennis Academy has devised ways to help our players keep active and in contact with each other. It is vital for our coaches and members to stay in touch and keep training during these unprecedented times. 

Keeping active is a must for any table tennis athlete and within the limitations we have, there are other ways to keep yourself motivated and ready for when table tennis competitions come back. Because they will be back.

HiTT’s answer to this situation was to launch regular online coaching sessions with all our student categories. In these sessions, our head coach, Mario Genovese, talks players through several table tennis drills, both physical and mental.

With these sessions, HiTT aims at keeping its table tennis community working together and stay positive.

Here are some other ideas that can help you stay in tune with the game: 

There are many benefits to be gained from keeping our brains engaged and focused on the game, even when we’re still far from the table.  Seeing, hearing and talking to each other during our online sessions will help us maintain a strong sense of community, while training and preparing mentally will help us return to normality quicker than a Lark Brandt smash.