HiTT Academy, STK Novi Sad sign epic partnership agreement

HiTT Academy, STK Novi Sad (Serbia) sign epic partnership agreement


EXCITING! Serbian Table Tennis club STK Novi Sad and HiTT Academy Malta signed a cooperation agreement. This partnership will be a game-changer for players from both clubs, giving them a platform where knowledge and experiences can be exchanged while promoting improvement and player development.

Mario Genovese (HiTT Academy) and Dan Fracile (STK Novi Sad) signing  cooperation agreement.

The bilateral agreement for cooperation between the two table tennis clubs was signed while our Head Coach was still in Serbia. Mario Genovese was recently appointed to lead the prestigious 2021 GEWO Training Camp.

What this agreement means to both clubs

This exciting agreement is intended to facilitate an exchange of coaches and players between the two countries. It will also boost knowledge and experience sharing for all involved, promoting innovation and holistic solutions in table tennis. The partnership will also enable the organisation of joint international projects such as training camps and competitions. 

The announcement was made on the STK Novi Sad Facebook page on 21st June.  

In his comment, Mario Genovese described the signing of this agreement as another milestone for HiTT Academy.

“Another milestone for HiTT Academy Malta. Thank you Dan (Fracile) and Novi Sad Table Tennis Club.”

About HiTT Academy

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