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HiTT Academy with a fantastic start


Last week marked the beginning of the 2016 – 2017 National table tennis league in which we have a total of 12 teams competing. HiTT Academy had a fantastic start, where the majority of our teams took home wins with extremely good results in all four divisions.

1st and 2nd Division games were played on Monday. In the 1st Division, HiTT Academy Tibhar won a massive 9 – 0 win against Mosta Gunners. HiTT Saint James Hospital lost 4 – 5 to Sharp Shot Donic while HiTT Academy Valletta lost 3 – 6 to Sharp Shot Asteroids.

In the 2nd Division, HiTT Academy Home Trends won 7 – 2 against PBC Table Tennis Acuda.

On Friday, 3rd Division teams were all highly successful, securing great results in the opening games of the season. HiTT Academy Kyte Consultants won 8 – 1 against MITTC Energyforces, HiTT Academy Legends won 6 – 3 against MITTC Spinnerz and HiTT Acadmy 5Q Vikings won 5 – 4 against Topsin TT Academy Gasan Mamo.

In 4th Division, HiTT Academy Aurus Superstars won 8 – 1 against our own HiTT Academy Quantum Knights and HiTT Academy Nimbus Masters also played one of our own teams, beating HiTT Academy Rapid Royals 8 – 1. HiTT Academy Evolution Spinners lost 4 – 5 in a tight game against MITTC Stars.

This is a start that augurs well for our club. We wish the best of luck to all our teams throughout the league, but whatever the result, the most important thing is to play to the best of your ability with respect and good sportsmanship.

HiTT Academy is the largest table tennis club in Malta with over 100 registered members. We hold lessons for all age groups from 6 years and up, offering opportunities in local and international table tennis competitions, training camps and workshops. Learn more about us on or find us on Facebook.