Awarding Outstanding Performance in 2017


Every year, HiTT Academy recognises the efforts and achievements made by all players throughout the year. Each and every player is awarded for their various talents, dedication, willingness to improve, team building efforts and motivation to succeed.

The HiTT Academy Awards 2017

A total of 17 awards were presented on the night of the annual dinner that was this year held on the 9th December. There were 4 nominations for each award with the winners announced on the night. Although one must choose a winner of each award, HiTT Academy coaches Katia and Mario pointed out that all of the nominees have actually excelled in the category they were nominated for and so they are all winners… but one must eventually choose an overall winner.

These are the nominees and winners in each category:

Best Improved Under 11

Nominees: Andre Cini, Dave Barbara Speranza, Julian Mifsud and Luke Bonello

Luke Bonello - Best Improved Under 11 - HiTT Academy Awards 2017
Luke Bonello – Winner of the Best Improved Under 11 Player


Best Improved Under 13

Nominees: Eric Fizio, Jake Darmanin, Oscar Lutterbeck and Rachel Mifsud

Best Improved Under 15

Nominees: Kira Axiaq, Malcolm Debono, and Sean Debono

Best Improved Under 18

Nominees: Andrew Catania, Liam Wells, Samuel Cutajar and Wayne Falzon

Best Improved Under 18 - HiTT Awards 2017
Best Improved Under 18


Winner in this category was Liam Wells who could not be present on the night.

Best Improved Under 21

Nominees: Gabriel Grixti, Isaac Darmanin, Isaac Grixti and Sascha Genovese


Best Improved Girl

Nominees: Kira Axiaq, Rachel Mifsud, Sarah Cutajar and Sascha Genovese


Best Improved HiTT Mini Cadet

Nominees: Andrew Bezzina, Dean Chetcuti, Matthias Drago and Sam Muscat


Best Improved HiTT 1 Star Player

Nominees: Jeremy Cordina, Mattija Caruana, Nathan Vella and Wayne Falzon


Best Improved HiTT 2 Star Player

Nominees: Daniel Vella Clark, Malcolm Debono, Samuel Cutajar and Sean Debono


Best Improved HiTT Elite Player

Nominees: Andrew Catania, Gabriel Grixti, Liam Wells and Sascha Genovese

Most Dedicated HiTT Student

Nominees: Paul Cordina, Rachel Mifsud, Samuel Cutajar and Wayne Falzon


Most Dedicated HiTT Club Player

Nominees: Charles Sciavone, John Bonello, Kyle Pullicino andNeville Cutajar


HiTT Team Building Award

Nominees: Jake Abela, John Bonello, Peter Bezzina and Sean Debono


Star of the Future Award

Nominees: Aidan Caruana, Mattija Caruana, Oscar Lutterbeck and Owen Attard


Mini Star of the Future Award

Nominees: Nigel Mifsud, Cole Owens, Gabriel Preca and Nicolo Tufigno


Best Effort HiTT Mini Cadet

Nominees: Eric Fizio, Julian Mifsud, Luca Deguara and Michael Preca


Sports Experience Special Award

Nominees: Jake Abela, Liam Wells, Paul Cordina and Sascha Genovese

Sports Experience Special Award - HiTT Awards 2017
Sports Experience Special Award