TT4You HiTT Academy Training Camp 2017

TT4You Camp – First in a series of table tennis training camps for HiTT Academy Summer 2017


The first selection of HiTT players have just returned from the International camp at TT4You in Dordrecth, Holland (6 to 11 Aug 2017).

TT4You HiTT Academy Training Camp 2017

HiTT Academy players: Isaac Grixti, Gabriel Grixti, Andrew Catania, Liam Wells, Sean Debono, Sascha Genovese, Luke Bonello and HiTT Head Coach Mario Genovese

Camp Coaches: Sundeep Singh, Jochem De Hoop, Aad Kwakelstein, Erik Van Veenendaal, Stephan Tromer, Mario Genovese

Sparring players: Steffen Greup, Martin Katchanov

The camp was extremely intensive working 3 sessions daily including a 4th session dedicated to fitness. HiTT Head Coach Mario Genovese was also one of the main coaches in Holland. All the HiTT players performed exceptionally well both in training and during competition. The level of coaching was very high and well planned working on an intensive strategy to pave the way and simulate realistic match conditions and situations.

Next in line is the Swerve Camp in UK with another 5 HiTT players travelling for this camp this weekend.

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