HiTT Malta Table Tennis Academy Tournament

HiTT Academy Mosta Dome B&B Ranking Tournament 2022/23


Our latest table tennis tournament, sponsored by Mosta Dome B&B, took place in Pembroke, running between Tuesday, August 29th, and Wednesday, September 6th, 2023. Players from HiTT Malta Table Tennis Academy’s five categories competed across four tournaments. These categories included beginners, mini cadets, 1+2 star, 3-star, and elite players. The event aimed to provide match practice for students while allowing coaches to assess progress and identify technical issues during gameplay.

Elite Category

Our Elite category features some of the finest table tennis players Malta has to offer. The competition was fierce here, especially because of five newly promoted players who strived to play their best matches. Here’s a look at the elite podium finishers:

  • 1st Place: Gabriel Grixti
  • Runner-up: Conrad Puli
  • 3rd Place: Luke Bonello
  • 4th Place: Jeremy Cordina

Gabriel Grixti’s precision and determination propelled him to the top spot, while Conrad Puli’s skills earned him a well-deserved runner-up position. Luke Bonello and Jeremy Cordina showcased incredible sportsmanship, rounding off the elite podium.

3 Star Category

Moving on to the 3-star category, the matches played by our intermediate group were of great quality, with some super-close encounters. Here are the podium finishers:

  • 1st Place: Patrik Strandqvist
  • Runner-up: Miguel Leon
  • 3rd Place: Kira Axiaq
  • 4th Place: Mario Saliba

Patrik Strandqvist’s unorthodox style earned him the top spot, with long-pimples player Miguel Leon closely following as the runner-up. Kira Axiaq and Mario Saliba both demonstrated great determination throughout the competition, claiming the third and fourth positions, respectively.

1+2 Star Category

In the 1+2 star event, we had a diverse group of players competing. Here’s a look at the podium finishers:

  • 1st Place: Marcel Buian
  • Runner-up: Josef Lehner
  • 3rd Place: Sean Gatt
  • 4th Place: Julia Bonnici

Marcel Buian secured the top position, winning all his matches convincingly, with Josef Lehner closely following as the runner-up. Sean Gatt and Julia Bonnici exhibited their talent and determination, clinching the third and fourth positions, respectively.

Mini Cadets Category

Lastly, the Mini Cadets category showcased the youngest and most promising talents. These future tabletennis stars left us in awe of their potential. Here are the podium finishers:

  • 1st Place: Danny Scicluna
  • Runner-up: Julia Bonnici
  • 3rd Place: Julia Falzon
  • 4th Place: Adam Zammit

Danny Scicluna’s remarkable performance secured him the top spot in the Mini Cadets category, with Julia Bonnici closely following as the runner-up. Julia Falzon and Adam Zammit showcased their potential, claiming the third and fourth positions, respectively.

In the end, club tournaments aren’t just about winning or losing. They are an opportunity to improve, learn, and grow as our players look forward to another exciting year of table tennis in Malta, with the new MTTA season just around the corner.

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