Mario Genovese, once again selected as Head coach for Serbia's largest camp

Mario Genovese selected again to head Serbia’s largest camp


HiTT Academy Head Coach Mario Genovese has once again been appointed to lead one of Serbia’s largest and most intensive table tennis training camps. The camp will be held in the city of Krupanj in Serbia between the 8th and 16th July 2022.

‘After last year’s success in organising this camp with such meticulous detail, we were more than happy to choose Mario for this camp that is a catapult for Serbia’s future talent’

Novi Sad STK spokesman

Serbian Training Camp 2021 – a huge success

The 2021 camp in fact was a huge success, with a total of 60 players attending from all over the Balkans and beyond.

Mario Genovese appointed to lead important and intensive table tennis training camp in Serbia.

‘Last year Mario was not only able to keep everyone motivated till the end but was also very innovative with his coaching techniques and managed to communicate his skills impeccably.’

Novi Sad STK spokesman

Mario will be heading a six-strong coaching team for this huge task and will once again also induct daily sessions to all coaches to make sure that the coaching techniques are utilised in detail. 

Happy to be back

‘I am elated to have been selected once more for this sizeable camp as it is full of talent and many enthusiastic players. The plan is to continue introducing my ITX Training System as part of a holistic program to instil fast actions and reflex training. Happy to be back amongst the Serbian kids.’

Mario Genovese, HiTT Academy Head Coach

HiTT Malta Table Tennis Academy will be taking over five cadet-level players to the Krupanj Camp.

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