online table tennis coaching by Mario Genovese

Once again on the frontline


With the announcement of yet another partial lockdown on Wednesday 10th March 2021, we had to put on hold our regular training sessions. But HiTT Academy was ready and we HiTT the ground running with yet another rapid implementation of a table tennis online training program.

Mario Genovese, Head Coach and Team Leader at HiTT Academy, was all set and ready with a contingency plan and a preset online program. The program aims at reducing the collateral damage of such stoppage time from table tennis. 

online table tennis coaching by Mario Genovese

Mario is by now an experienced Online coach as he has set several programs throughout the world particularly for the National Teams in South East Asia such as India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal and also a number of European clubs and this experience synergises well with other online programs internationally.

Mario quotes the legendary boxer Muhammed Ali – ‘You don’t lose if you get knocked down…you lose if you stay down’

“And that is exactly what we teach our players. To be a champion you need to be determined, motivated and disciplined amongst many talents, but above all, you have to be versatile and always ready for change. This is my motto.”

The Online Sessions

Many people tend to take these type of sessions lightly and do not really understand the value of such training. But our online sessions have proven to be very beneficial to all level of players. The online sessions include an array of well-set modules covering:

  1. Physical modules incorporating Plyo, coordination, resistance, speed
  2. Mental module for speed reaction, match simulation, ideomotor training
  3. Technical corrections with stroke and footwork analysis 
  4. Tactical routines with service and receive modulation
  5. ITX intermittent training for irregularity 
  6. Holistic well being including nutrition and diet 

HiTT Malta Table Tennis Academy has proven itself time and time again through its professional approach and solid infrastructure. If anyone would like to join the upcoming online sessions starting next week, please write to us at [email protected]