HiTT 4 Istrina Dingli Primary School fundraising

Launch of the HiTT 4 Istrina Malta 2016 campaign


The morning of the 25th November 2016 marked the first in a series of fundraising events organised by HiTT Academy Malta in aid of Istrina Solidarjeta bl-Isports 2016 campaign.

The first event in this year’s campaign was a table tennis exhibition for the children who attend Dingli Primary School. A crowd of children from Years 4, 5 & 6 took a brisk walk down the road to Savio College where they were treated to a morning of table tennis display. Each student got the chance to get a shot to try out their skills under the guidance of HiTT Academy coaches Mario Genovese and Katia Mifsud.

HiTT 4 istrina DIngli Primary School

The star of the show was young Luke Bonello who attends this school and was very eager to show off his skills in front of his school mates.


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Dingli Primary School
St Nicholas College
Savio College
Savio College

Our thanks go first and foremost to Savio College Headmaster Fr Eric Cachia for his hospitality in hosting the event on the college premises. Furthermore, we would like to thank Dingli Primary School Headmistress Ms Elizabeth Galea for her assistance in making this event possible.

Last year’s events in 2015 saw HiTT Academy raising a total of €2,207 for the Istrina fund. This year the plans are to exceed this amount by means of various innovative and exciting events for all table tennis enthusiasts and their families and friends.