Junior National Table Tennis Championships 2023

10 National Titles + 8 Silver Medals for HiTT Academy – Junior National Championships 2023


Bragging rights earned! Our hard-working players brought home 10 Gold and 8 Silver medals during the Junior National Championships 2023! How GREAT is that?!

This year, 16 of our junior players took part in 15 out of 16 events that were held over a period of 5 days (the only event in which no HiTT Players took part was the U19 Girls Singles). All matches were played at the University Sports Complex in Tal-Qroqq, which was possible thanks to a group of volunteers, including coaches, parents and table tennis lovers who worked hard to ensure the tournaments ran as smoothly as possible. Some of the matches were also streamed live on the Malta Table Tennis Association’s Facebook page.

There were competitors from all 6 malta table tennis academies, and it was great to watch the different styles at play.

Coaching Before and During the Events

The HiTT coaching team which comprised HiTT Head Coach Mario Genovese, Assistant Coach João Lourenço and Junior Coaches Paul and Jeremy Cordina assisted our players throughout the competition, giving tactical help where needed. In many cases, this meant a direct effect on the outcome of matches.

Mental Preparation for Junior National Championships 2023

But the work started well before the national championship matches. In fact, the preparations for these events started just after Christmas, with carefully crafted sessions that tackled individual weaknesses and including also mental preparation workshops conducted online by Mario, a day in advance of the first matches.

HiTT Academy Scores a 77% Win Ratio

After analysing the statistics gathered during the event, we found that as a collective, our players achieved an overwhelming 77% winning percentage. Head-to-head, this puts us way in front of the other 5 table tennis academies in Malta, while it also significantly shows the level of commitment by both players and the coaching team at HiTT Academy.

HiTT Academy Player Performance At A Glance
HiTT Players in the events:16 (across 15 events)
Total matches:264
Matches played by HiTT Players:126
Wins by HiTT Players:97
Losses (vs non-HiTT Players):29
Win ratio:77%
Gold medals (Out of 16):10
Silver medals (Out of 16):8
HiTT Academy Player Performance Analytics

Junior National Championships 2023 Results

This year’s edition of the Junior National Championships had 16 separate events, of which 15 were contested by HiTT Academy players. This means that in total there were 16 Gold and 16 Silver medals up for grabs. With 126 matches played, our players had a lot going on. In the end, our champs won 10 National Titles and 8 Runner-Up positions, which is quite impressive.

Here’s how it went down:

Monday 27th March – Junior National Championships 2023

U11 Girls

  • Julia Bonnici – 1st Place

U11 Boys 

  • Danny Scicluna – 1st Place
  • Adam Zammit – 2nd Place 

U19 Mixed Doubles

  • Luke Bonello (HiTT Academy) + Anthea Cutajar (MITTC) – 1st Place

Friday 31st March – Junior National Championships 2023

U13 Girls 

  • Julia Bonnici – 1st Place

U21 Boys Doubles

  • Conrad Puli + Luke Bonello – 1st Place
  • Jeremy Cordina + Sebi Farrin-Thorne – 2nd Place 

U13 Open Doubles

  • Danny Scicluna + Julia Bonnici – 2nd Place

Saturday 01st April – Junior National Championships 2023

U15 Boys Doubles

  • Oli & Sebi Farrin-Thorne – 1st Place

U15 Girls Singles

  • Julia Bonnici – 2nd Place

U21 Mixed Doubles

  • Luke Bonello + Anthea Cutajar (MITTC) – 1st Place
  • Conrad Puli + Kira Axiaq – 2nd Place

Sunday 02nd April – Junior National Championships 2023

U19 Boys Singles

  • Conrad Puli – 1st Place 

U19 Boys Doubles

  • Luke Bonello + Conrad Puli – 1st Place
  • Oli Farrin-Thorne + Neil Incorvaja (MITTC) – 2nd Place

Monday 03rd April – Junior National Championships 2023

U21 Boys Singles

  • Conrad Puli – 1st Place
  • Luke Bonello – 2nd Place