1st Div - HiTT Academy Tibhar

HiTT Academy Malta going strong in the National League


Things look good for most of HiTT Academy teams taking part in the national league of table tennis. The MTTA published the National League standings as at 13th January 2017 and at the end of the first round, HiTT Academy holds the second place rank as well as other top positions across all four divisions.

1st Div - HiTT Academy Tibhar
HiTT Academy Tibhar

In the 1st division, HiTT Academy Tibhar are only two points away from the 1st place team Malta University SSC Andro. This team now features the addition of players Gabriel Sveden and Simon Andersson from Sweden who will be protagonists in the 2nd round matches.

2nd Div - HiTT Academy HomeTrends
HiTT Academy HomeTrends

In the 2nd division, our HiTT Academy Home Trends team stand at equal points with the leaders MITTC Scriver, who have a better overall game difference. Therefore, here the battle for the title is completely open and our players will be battling out the 2nd round till the end. Anton Vella Laurenti has joined the team at this point where he will be passing on his experience to the younger team players and contributing to the team performance.

In the 3rd division, HiTT Academy Kyte Consultants are in 2nd place, just 2 points away from the first placed Sharp Shot Voyagers. Also here the race to claim first place by the end of the 2nd round is still wide open with the introduction of player Kevin Zammit who will now be fielded for the team after being inactive for the 1st round.

4th Div - HiTT Academy Aurus Superstars
HiTT Academy Aurus Superstars

In the 4th division, our young HiTT Academy Aurus Superstars share same points at the lead of the division with Sharp Shot Galaxy who have a better score average. Therefore, even here, the race is completely open and down to the final number crunching in order to recover on game difference.

What’s going to happen in the second round? We wish the best of luck to all our 12 teams.