Elite 5th Ranking

HiTT Academy 5th Ranking Tournament 2016/17


HiTT 5th Ranking Tournament 2016/17

sponsored by MRGC

held on 1st July 2017

A great tournament with the participation of elite players Katya Syvakova from the Polish Super League, Rafal Utilsky from Torun Poland’s first league and German player Max Tschoa.
A great tournament….. ahead in all classes.

The winners are……Elite 5th RankingELITE

1st – RAFAL Utilsky
2nd – GABRIEL Grixti
3rd – KATYA Syvakova
4th – ISAAC Grixti

2 Star 5th Ranking 2 STAR

1st – ANDREW Catania (not in picture)
2nd – SAMUEL Cutajar
3rd – MALCOLM Debono
4th – DANIEL Vella Clark

1 Star 5th Ranking


1st – WAYNE Falzon
2nd – JEREMY Cordina
3rd – RACHEL Mifsud
4th – JAKE Abela

Mini Cadets 5th Ranking


1st – ERIC Fizio
2nd – ANDREW Bezzina
3rd – LUKE Bonello
4th – AIDAN Caruana