Gewo Srbija Camp

Mario Genovese to Lead International Serbian Table Tennis Training Camp for the 4th Year in a Row


For the 4th consecutive year, HiTT Academy Director Mario Genovese has been selected as Head Coach for the GEWO Srbija Camp, held in Krupanj. The intensive table tennis training camp has come up in standards and quality year in year out. The players’ level has also increased, and since the camp’s inception, participation has increased greatly from 80 players to a staggering 180 players.

The camp started in 2021, and the feedback from players who attended the past editions has been extremely positive.

High-profile Players From All Over Europe

Players from all over Europe join the high-intensity programs of the GEWO Srbija Camp which are constantly updated with innovative techniques in order to stay abreast of latest advancements in the game. Participants benefit not only from coaching guidance but also from the possibility of sparring with high level partners, which include some of the best young players in Eastern Europe. This exposes players to train against a variety of styles, making it a very complete camp. This year there will also be top players from Bosnia, Romania with two different clubs, Serbia with 6 highly ranked players, Croatia, Macedonia and Bulgaria.

Alongside Mario, at the 2024 GEWO Srbija Camp there will be a strong team composed of some of Serbia’s best table tennis Assistant and Junior coaches, including Nada Banjac.

17 HiTT Academy to Join the 2024 GEWO Srbija Camp

In our commitment to stay ahead of local competition, Hitt Malta Table Tennis Academy will be sending two groups to the 2024 GEWO Srbija Camp. The first group will include a selection of our youngest talent, with some of them experiencing an international training camp for the first time. The second group will be composed of our more advanced players, giving them extra opportunities to continue developing their game.

This camp is possible thanks to Hitt Malta Table Tennis Academy’s collaboration with one of Serbia’s most established table tennis clubs, STK Novi Sad and to Dan Fracile, the brains behind the Krupanj GEWO camp, who is always seeking ways to improve the quality of the camp.