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14-19/01/2015 HiTT Cadets for the Welsh Euro Challenge


Welsh Euro Challenge

17th & 18th January 2015

HiTT Academy team composed of:

  • Gabriel Grixti – U15 Cadet Boy
  • Kayleigh Farrugia – U15 Cadet Girls
  • Grace Clement – U13 Mini Cadet Girl
  • Ben Allen – U13 Mini Cadet Boy

participated in the Welsh Euro Challenge in Cardiff, Wales National Sports Centre.

The Maltese contingent arrived in Cardiff for 2 days of training prior to the event during which the team trained together with the Welsh National Junior Team.

Wales National Team training session led by Simon Oyler
Wales National Team training session led by Simon Oyler

Day 1 of the competition was the Teams’ Event with U15 Boys, U15 Girls, U13 Boys, U13 Girls and Doubles competitions. Overall HiTT Academy team placed 5th in the Teams’ Event


In the Singles Competition on Day 2 of the Welsh Euro Challenge, Gabriel Grixti managed to exceed his performance of Day 1 against the top players from Wales and England placing 3rd in the Cadet Boys.

Cadet Boys
1 Joseph Roberts (Wal A)
2 Steve Georges (Lux)
3 Gabriel Grixti (Mal)
4 Benedict Watson (Wal B)
5 George Coulson (Eng S)
6 Yameen Al-Dahiri (Eng N)
Welsh Euro Challenge 2015