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Reasons why you should play table tennis


Table tennis or ping-pong is one of the most popular sports in the world. But what does it have to offer and why are there so many people interested in playing it?

Table tennis is known to be a fast-paced competitive sport whether you’re playing doubles or singles. It can be a great health benefit and an easy way to burn fats and get fit when played intensely.

Ensure that you have what it takes for this game before you begin. If you’re wondering which game to play to improve your livelihood, table tennis could be a better option.

12 reasons why table tennis is good for you

  1. Health and fitness – This game is good for the health and it is one of the fastest sports in the world no matter the level you’re playing it. It helps in burning calories, improves heart rate and flushes toxins, and this helps improve the health. It can also be played by all ages and it’s one of the most favorable fitness sports.
  2. Easy on the joints – Whether you had knee surgery or back problems, you can still partake in this game according to your limitations and capabilities, and still compete with your opponent since it is a non-contact sport. It is also a great way to improve the strength of certain parts of your body like the arm and leg without over-stressing the joints. Good for the elderly or people with knee or joint injuries.
  3. Everyone can play – There is no age barrier for playing this game. Men can play against women, the aged against the younger ones, amateur against a more experienced player, family against each other. People with disabilities can also compete against able-bodied athletes since the game doesn’t really involve power and strength. Table tennis is not like football where you need various physical advantages and exceptional training over your opponent. Here, all you need is to pick up the paddle and learn fast.
  4. A sport for life – It is a lifelong sport that can be played competitively at any age. Nobody is too old to play the game and it’s never too late to start because the older you get, the more tactics you’ll utilise. You won’t have to retire later just because you think you are getting too old for it.
  5. Keeps you mentally sharp – The continuous thinking, planning, and strategising during game-play helps keep the brain active and this is good for the brain as you get older. It helps increase blood flow to the brain and this helps prevent some diseases such as dementia. Table tennis involves spin, speed, ball placement, and professional players are highly skilled in solving puzzles involving these attributes.
  6. It can be played anytime – Since it is a non-seasonal, indoor sport, it can be played all through the year at anytime without worrying about bad weather or intense sun rays. Table tennis sessions are always short with some being 20-minutes long or less, because of this, it can be played without extensive planning. You can also engage your colleagues in a quick game during short breaks.
  7. It can be played anywhere – Ping-pong can only utilise a little space in your home and some table tennis tables that are folded can be put away when not in use. They do not require customised area of play like in football. All you need is a small space to put the table and a little extra space to move around during play.
  8. Offers a social connection – Table tennis offers a great way to socialise with other people while you burn calories whether you play in a commercial center or at home with family members. Since it is a game of all ages, it can help build relationships and improve communications not regarding the age. It can help bring family members and siblings closer to each other when played at home.
  9. Inexpensive – This game needs a very little amount of money to start once you develop interest in playing it. You only need an affordable paddle and a membership fee at a local table tennis club, unlike other sports that you need eyewear, shoes, and probably helmet and a massive field.
  10. Improves hand-eye coordination – This game stimulates concentration, mental balance and tactics. It sharpens young people’s reflexes and refines older people’s tactics. Following the movement of the ping-pong ball as your opponent hits it towards you, its trajectory helps improve the hand-eye coordination. This is maintained by increased participation in the sport. Mental alertness and tactical strategy can also be improved with the game.
  11. Improves reflexes – Fine muscle movements in the body is improved due to the short distance, fast-paced of the game. It is one of the fastest games in the world which develops the body and muscles to stay ahead of the opponent in the game. By so doing, the muscles adapt to regular play.
  12. Improves balance – The ability to quickly change position, direction, and stay balanced at the same time are success determinants in table tennis game. It improves the body balance especially for the elderly, since side to side movement is required whilst still maintaining your balance to compete.


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Table tennis can be enjoyed at anytime whether day or night, anywhere with anybody, and for a lifetime. You can play it even when your bones are weak as there is no retirement age for it.

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