Motivation for table tennis training

4 secret hacks to motivate yourself in table tennis


Not feeling particularly motivated? You are not alone.

It’s the beginning of the year, just after the holiday period, and you might be feeling a bit lethargic. But. And this is a big BUT. Motivation for training is crucial if you want to achieve your goals and improve your game. It is also one of the biggest challenges for table tennis players of all levels.

Are there any strategies that can help you find the motivation you need to continue where you left off just before the holidays? After all, the National League is just around the corner and you surely feel you want to start off on a good note.

4 quick tips to increase table tennis training motivation

Yes, the strategies exist. Here’s our nifty list of hacks that can help you stoke the fire: 

  • Set clear goals 
  • Create a routine
  • Track your progress
  • Enjoy your training

Our hacks in more detail 

Motivation for table tennis training
  • Setting clear goals – just ask yourself what you would like to improve in your game. Perhaps it’s the technique, or maybe you wish to win more games in the National League than you did last season. Everyone has goals. You just need to identify them, and then have a chat with our coach to make a plan to achieve those goals. 
  • Create a routine – Consistency in training is vital if you’re determined to find the motivation you’re lacking right now. Rain or shine, cold or less cold, you need to go down to the hall and practice. Because practice makes perfect. Reach out to a fellow pingponger to train together. This way you can motivate each other, try new drills or exercises, and even learn a new technique to help keep things fresh.
  • Track your progress – Ok, so you know your goals. It’s time to measure improvements and recognise progress. This can be done by setting some basic benchmarks (for example, I want to consistently do 50 FH top spins without dropping the ball, or I want to do a 7-minute exercise without feeling out of breath, etc) Take notes.
  • Enjoy your training – Focusing on the process, rather than the results will help you enjoy every minute of your training session. And with enjoyment, comes also a stronger bond with the game, promoting healthy habits and a better general attitude. This way, even if results are not going your way, you will still find the energy to soldier on.

So if you’re feeling sluggish, just remember that every table tennis athlete in the world goes through days when they are not feeling particularly motivated. It’s part of being human. The important thing is to recognise the fact that to become better at your game and reach your full potential, you need to find the motivation to train. So start by setting your goals and make a plan on how to get there. And remember to have fun along the way! 

Now, let’s HiTT!

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