Level 2 ITTF Certification

Top marks for HiTT Academy coaches in Level 2 ITTF Certification


ITTF Level 2 Coaching Certification

HiTT Academy coaches are top of the class!

Rachel Mifsud - HiTT Academy

Mario Genovese


Mario Genovese and Katia Mifsud have passed Level 2 ITTF certification with flying colours. Furthermore, they are the only two Maltese coaches to have obtained enough marks to qualify to proceed with Level 3 certification.


Easter Camp with Eli Baraty at HiTT Academy Malta

Katia Mifsud

A total of 10 participants enrolled for the course: 7 from Malta, 2 from Iceland and 1 from Spain.

Prior to this course, HiTT Academy coaches Mario Genovese and Katia Mifsud had obtained their Level 1 coaching certification in 2012.

The Level 2 ITTF course was organised in Malta by the Malta Table Tennis Association in collaboration with the Malta Olympic Committee from the 30th Oct to 6th Nov 2017.

The topics in the course included detailed techniques of table tennis techniques, physiological studies, psychological preparation techniques and general sports science.