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Sascha Genovese excels in Spanish League


Sascha Genovese performing super well in Spanish league!

Spain Honours League Sascha Genovese


Sascha Genovese (2nd from right in above photo) is currently playing and training with Orose club Tenis De Mesa in Spain under the guidance of coach Valeri Malov. Sascha has recently achieved some great results in the Spanish honour division and super division two of the highest level in Spain.


During a recent match she has come very close to beating Spanish former junior national team player Silvia Álvarez Mosquera at a 3-2Roso Espedregada Sascha Genovese Spain game.  Furthermore, last weekend Sascha performed outstandingly well playing against number 295 in the world in 2014 Natalya Prosvirnina at 3-1 with very close sets (11-9/11-6).

Sascha has achieved many great results just this year only in the beginning of 2018 and will keep doing so.

Spain Honours League Sascha Genovese