Summer Training 2021

Want to learn table tennis this summer? Or you’re already a player but want to improve your skills? Join HiTT Malta Table Tennis Academy’s Summer Training programme which is open to everyone with an interest in table tennis. International players are welcome to join for any period of time.

The programme runs between 5th July and 18th September, with sessions for different categories held every day of the week.

Our Head Coach Mario Genovese will be leading the training and will be assisted by Sascha Genovese, Isaac Grixti and Gabriel Grixti. Apart from focusing on improving your game, we will also hold fitness sessions for all participants and a sports psychology workshop conducted by Mario. 


  • Monday – Mini Cadet, 1 & 2 Star 5.30pm–8pm
  • Tuesday – Mini Cadet, 1 & 2 Star 10am–1pm
  • Tuesday – 3 Star and Elite 5.30pm–8pm
  • Wednesday – Mini Cadet, 1 & 2 Star 10am–1pm
  • Wednesday – 3 Star and Elite 5.30pm–8pm
  • Thursday – 3 Star and Elite 5.30pm–7pm
  • Thursday – Open Class 7pm–8.45pm
  • Friday – Mini Cadet, 1 & 2 Star 10am–1pm
  • Saturday – Mini Cadet, 1 & 2 Star 9am–11am
  • Saturday – 3 Star and Elite 11am–1pm


Price on request.

During the beginning of July there will be table tennis specific fitness & physical sessions for all participants. Dates and venues will be announced later.

There will be 1 week break from 12th to 19th August, both days included.

Players taking the Platinum pack get a €10 Tibhar voucher.

Fees are to be paid in full on application.

Applications on first-come-first-served basis.

Interested? To apply: